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Super Bowl 58 Space Planning Sights & Scenes

By Mike Wilkening, ARC Communications ManagerRecently, we visited several Chicagoland-area stores to get a snapshot of how brands and retailers are readying for Super Bowl 58. Here is a taste… Read more

Floor Planning FAQs

By Michael Wilkening, ARC Communications Manager Since launching this spring, the Space Planning Community has amassed a variety of detailed how-to documents, whitepapers, FAQs, and other expert materials for members… Read more

Planogram FAQs

July 11, 2023 By Michael Wilkening, ARC Communications Manager As we grow the Space Planning Community, we have begun to curate a wide range of reference materials for our industry…. Read more

Space Planning by ChatGPT

By Jackie Lewis, VP of Content and Member Engagement at ARC Space Planning is fundamentally about maximizing the use of retail space for optimal shopper experience and retail performance. The… Read more

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