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“Career Launch” for Space Planners: An Overview of How It Can Work for You

By Mike Wilkening, Communications Manager, ARC

The Association of Retail and Consumer Professionals (ARC) recently unveiled our new “Career Launch” tool for members, and we are thrilled with the feedback we’ve thus far received.

Career Launch is designed with you, the retail and CPG professional, in mind. It’s an interactive tool giving you the chance to assess a variety of skills benchmarked against industry standards and job descriptions. It allows you to see how you stack up in your field, and it gives you a window into what you what would need to do to successfully move to another function.

To give space planners a view into Career Launch’s look and feel, and its possibilities, we put together a short demonstration video. Want to know more, or have questions? Drop us a line here so we can connect.


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About the Author: Mike Wilkening, Communications Manager, for the Association of Retail and Consumer Professionals (ARC).

Mike brings more than two decades of communications experience to the CMA/SIMA. He began his career in journalism, spending more than 10 years covering the National Football League for Pro Football Weekly and NBC’s Pro Football Talk. His bylines have also appeared in CBS MarketWatch, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, NBC New York, and More recently, he has pivoted to corporate communications, including strategy and messaging experience for a Fortune 500 company. Mike holds a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University and a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Illinois.