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Advisory Board Member Spotlight: Jenny Tornow

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Jenny Tornow

Vice President Merchandising

Presentation and Execution

Whole Foods Market

What is your favorite thing about working in Space Planning? 

The intersection between merchandising and operations. The intersection between science and art. Space Planning drives unique solutions for all of these considerations and it makes it interesting and challenging every day. 

What is the most exciting development you have seen in Space Planning since you started your career? 

The elevation of the function to be an enabler to business results in new ways as technology, automation and skill sets have unlocked the ability to support greater granularity and date inputs and move beyond the “we create pretty pictures” narrative. 

What advice do wish you could give to 25-year-old you? 

Creating boundaries is critical to your mental, physical and emotional well being. When you dive too deep in energy to one pursuit, you limit having your wellness and the ability to see the bigger picture.  

What do you most want to get out of being a member of the Space Planning Community? 

Supporting the Space Planning industry to create an broader understanding of the value of the work we do as well as build the growth and development of professionals in Space Planning. 

When you’re not at work, where are your favorite places to be? 

Yoga studio doing regenerative yoga practices like Yin and Somatic Release. Traveling somewhere I haven’t been – especially national parks (in the US or beyond).