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Expanding membership to a broader community May 1, 2023

A unified voice for retail practitioners in the space management field.

Space Management as a focused discipline does not get the resourcing it deserves in building out content, creating common language and assessments, and sharing best practices that are technology agnostic. By being relegated to a CatMan tactic or a CPG’s go-to-market plan, critical practices go unexplored and too many retailers must reinvent the wheel to make progress.    

The Charter tackles research, builds formal and informal networking and mentorships, creates a common language, and builds the process for advancing the maturity of a discipline that is recognized across the entire industry. We want to bring Space Planning as an industry to the same professional level as Category Management, Shopper Insights, Supply Chain and other recognized retail functions.  


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Elevate and advance the space planning profession

Create a safe space for collaboration to leverage shared experiences

Build communal resources for education, development and accreditation


March 2022
  • New Charter Framework Developed by ARC
  • Flora Delaney named as Group Liaison
  • Founding Member Recruitment & Discussions
May 2022
  • Founding Member Interviews
  • Industry Survey & Results Analysis
June 2022
  • Kick-off Founding Member Roundtable Discussion
  • Themes and Topics Identified
  • Group Prioritization
    • Scorecards & Metrics
    • Training & Skill/Talent Development
    • Technology & Evaluation
July 2022
  • Roundtable Discussion (All Members) Topic: Scorecards & Metrics
  • Sub-Work Group Created: Scorecards & Metrics
  • Founding Members nominate additional charter members
  • Invited new co-attendees with founding members
August 2022
  • Roundtable Discussion (All Members) Topic: Training and Talent
  • Sub-workgroup Created: Training & Talent
  • On-going recruitment for new Retailers to enter the group
September 2022
  • Roundtable Discussion: (All Members) Planned for 9/15
  • Sub-work group meeting: Scorecards & Metrics
  • Sub-work group meeting: Training and Telent
  • Industry space planning training evaluation/assessment launch
October Through December

In Planning.

February/March 2023
Space Planning Track & Workshop at 2023 Annual Conference


While I think this is going to be good for us, what I really think is that this is going to be an orchard that we’re planting, so that the people coming up behind us have it better than we did in terms of resources, in figuring out what is at their fingertips and how to succeed in this industry.

-Charter Member

This is some of the most exciting conversation I have had in a long time

-Dave King Rite Aid

A major gap in the industry is the lack of common language and standardized vocabulary; while some shared best practices exist, this is often a result of system implementations forcing organizations to adopt similar tools, with little objective information about industry-specific technologies and tools.

-Charter Facilitator


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